An English Poem

From a clue that’s in front of me
Makes my brain thinking
About the signs of clue
About the answer

From the motion of Queen of Damned
There is a difficult clue any more
Act as it was nightmare
In my mind

I’m searching…
Searching every time
Wherever it is
Whatever it was

But I’ve not got it
It must have been lost
In the dark

And I don’t have any strength anymore
To catch ’em up
And hug them in my heart

Bintaro, May 8th, 2002
Written on a tissue paper

2 Tanggapan

  1. life is a process and processes with the death
    death of how the work is life.
    which will become the characters in the next life.
    so do not ever stop searching, longing make provisions and weapons.
    God will guide you through the instructions that should you find out.

  2. Faith makes all things possible.
    Hope makes all things work.
    Love makes all things beautiful.
    May you have all of the three.
    Happy Iedul Fitri.

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